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Since 2010, we’ve aspired to always deliver a truly unique and memorable experience from start to finish. We believe that catering is more than just food on a plate; it’s about building a relationship with our clients, understanding their personal style, and delivering a complete experience for them and their guests. Turn to us for family gatherings, large events or to learn a thing or two about British Baking. We've catered at a few local venues like Morris-Butler House, Crystal Coop or the Smith House. Ask about all of the services we can offer to you below.



Even with a party quickly approaching, we can cater for your special day.  Weddings, business meetings, birthday parties and many more events. Food, beverages or even a demonstration can be arranged for you with little as a week notice. If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out. We can’t wait to see you and celebrate!

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*Baked goods will be determined by the current weekly rotation (only for Afternoon Tea Packs). Specialty items can be made in advance per request, such as Holiday desserts, baked items not listed on catering list, or dietary restrictions (Please list this on your inquire if this is something you or your guests require), as there will be an individual pricing for these items not listed on the menu. **A Delivery Fee (approx. distance to Hamilton County, IN) will also be added to the final invoice.

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