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Earl Grey Green

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We've given classic Earl Grey a green tea update. Mild and sweet with floral notes and a citrusy accent.
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"Earl Grey tea is traditionally made using black tea, but this blend is made with sweet and floral Green tea leaves, pairing with the signature Bergamot orange for a fruity and bright brew. This tea also has slightly less caffeine than a traditional cup of Earl Grey making it easy to sip all day long."

Ingredients: Emperor’s Pride leaf(*) & bud green tea flavored with Bergamot and enhanced with Orange peel.

(*) Emperor’s Pride green tea has large, wiry, fluffy, tender whole leaves and white buds. Multiple infusions are possible and it is best when brewed in a glass vessel.

Mildly Caffeinated

Servings per 4 oz: 60

Preparation Instructions: Steep 1 tbsp in 8 oz. of water at 175-185°F for 2-3 mins.

Takes well to sweetener - is also a lovely accompaniment to any afternoon tea with sugary sweet pastries.

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