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Tina's Traditional Jams & Preserves

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Tina's Traditional Jam, Jellies & Preserves

Tina’s Traditional makes and bottles jams, jellies & preserves using quality ingredients, using Tina’s Grandma’s tried and tested recipes. Producing them in small batches at Tina’s Kitchen in Carmel, IN, you can taste the love when paired with Tina’s Traditional scones or on toast.
Produced in pretty 4oz jars, purchase for gifts or a treat yourself.
Raspberry Jam – uses the whole fruit, raw cane sugar and a little lemon juice. No pectin, no artificial preservatives, colors or corn syrup that most mass produced jams contain. Gives a tangy flavor that’s not too sweet and brings out the true flavor of the fruit.
Fig & Ginger Jam – This recipe was developed as a pairing for the Traders Point Creamery cheeses. Only 4 ingredients and nothing artificial, this jam makes a great accompaniment to all flavors of cheese. Can also be used in pies and on roast meats.

Lavender Flower Jelly – This recipe uses culinary grade dried lavender flowers and creates a pretty soft pink color in the jar. Excellent flavor on a fresh scone or slice of toast.

Vanilla Chai Tea Jelly – Based on one of Tina’s Traditional most popular Tea blends, this amber colored jelly dances on the taste buds and offers something totally not found in common stores and supermarkets.

London Fog Tea Jelly - This recipe uses Earl Gray Creme Tea in this lovely jelly.

Champagne Elderflower - Inspired by Prince Harry and Meghan's Wedding cake, this light jelly is for someone special or a very special occasion.

Secret Rose Garden - A blend of Tina's Secret Garden Tea with added rose petals makes for a lovely rose colored jelly, which is scrumpios on scones.

Strawberry Conserve - based on Tina's Grandmothers recipe when Tina worked for a summer at a fruit farm. Luscious strawberry flavor like no other.

If you would like to try something unique, tasty and locally made, then Tina’s

Traditional brand of teas, baked goods and preserves is for you.
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