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English Fruit Garden: A family story

Tina's Traditional English Fruit Garden is a custom blend inspired by Tina's mothers fruit garden, in England. It's base is Rooibos. You can never have a bitter taste in a Rooibos tea and it carries a little natural sweetness, which makes it an ideal base for a fruit tea. Originally from South Africa, this 'red tea' is known as a herbal tea grown on the red bush plant, which is part of the broom family. It contains no caffeine and recent studies indicate that there are more antioxidants in Rooibos then even Green tea, but without the caffeine.

Tina felt inspired to create this tea when she was visiting the house she grew up in after her mother passed in August 2016. Tina was standing in the lush summer garden, when, as she looked up she saw a shift of bright sunlight come streaming through the apples trees in the orchard. She knew then that her mother was 'speaking to her' and the inspiration to create a blend based on the garden back 'home' was so compelling, it was the first things she focused on when she returned to Indianapolis British themed tearoom.

Then as Tina was sifting through a variety of papers and artifacts from the inheritance, she came across a sketch book belonging to her Great Grandfather Louis Slater who was born in 1899. There was one particular drawing of a blackberry stem that jumped out at her. The date on it was 1911, Louis would have been just 12 years old. It is this picture which you will see as part of the labeling on the English Fruit Garden Tea, which is available to purchase online at

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