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Networking Etiquette Rules for Happy Hour with Co workers

When you work at a full-time job, the concept of Happy Hour with your co-workers is becoming the norm. Although you might be weary of the idea of Happy Hour with coworkers, it’s actually a great opportunity to network and bond with people in your company. You'll realize most of your coworkers have a life outside of the office, even if they don't normally show that side of themselves. The key to a successful Happy Hour is moderation, monitoring, and making sure you keep a solid reputation. Keep these Golden Rules in mind and you’ll be successful.

Networking Etiquette to live by
Happy Hour with co-workers

1. Turn up

The stress of the day and work week can feel like an emotional roller coaster. Happy Hour is the perfect time for relaxing and unwinding a little. If your team invites you along, it would be rude not to take advantage of getting to know them better.