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Networking Etiquette Rules for Happy Hour with Co workers

When you work at a full-time job, the concept of Happy Hour with your co-workers is becoming the norm. Although you might be weary of the idea of Happy Hour with coworkers, it’s actually a great opportunity to network and bond with people in your company. You'll realize most of your coworkers have a life outside of the office, even if they don't normally show that side of themselves. The key to a successful Happy Hour is moderation, monitoring, and making sure you keep a solid reputation. Keep these Golden Rules in mind and you’ll be successful.

Networking Etiquette to live by
Happy Hour with co-workers

1. Turn up

The stress of the day and work week can feel like an emotional roller coaster. Happy Hour is the perfect time for relaxing and unwinding a little. If your team invites you along, it would be rude not to take advantage of getting to know them better.

2. Just because alcohol is available it doesn’t mean you have to get tipsy!

Please don’t! Limit yourself to 1 or 2 glasses. Try something with loads of ice makes the drink less alcoholic and last longer. You try having water every other drink or ordering soda or a wine spritzer. You will be seen to be seen to have good judgement and others will see you are taking responsibility.

3. Talk about life after work.

Everyone has a life after work. Even though you’re out with co-workers, it doesn’t mean that the only thing you can talk about is projects, reports, and budgeting. BORING! Make sure to open up a little bit and show off your personality! Let your coworkers know that you aren’t just about work. Keep the topics light, interesting and fun. Talk about your favorite movie, places you like to eat, what you do for fun, etc.

4. Remember they are still your coworkers.

Yes, happy hour can be fun and insightful. You want to open up and share your personality with your team so that they can remember your face with the name. However, make sure to keep your conversations light. There is such a thing as sharing too much! And no gossiping. Remember to keep it HR appropriate!

5. Put your Phone Away!

Be present and stay in the room. Don’t start texting people or checking your social media feeds. It would be rude not to give the person in the room you are talking to your full attention.

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