Etiquette Classes for Children

Tina teaches Colts Mascot Blue a thing or two about table manners and etiquette and she can show you too! 

Introducing Tina's Traditional Finishing School for Young Ladies (& Young Gentlemen)

Many of our children & young people today find themselves anxious & awkward in social situations. Although we feel more connected than ever before to hundreds of people, through our devices in the virtual world, we feel disconnected and even lonely & fearful in the real world  when it comes to face to face interactions. This shows up as social awkwardness, and they often don't realize how their behavior can be seen in a negative way.

We go though many life stages, changes and new environments. Be it when starting a new school, moving to a new class, starting college & leaving education to finding that first job. With any new adventure, there is an element of excitement and an element of fear. Help your young person to become more socially confident by providing them access to the know-how, the realization they have courage and help them acquire the skills, to positively turn up in the world, to be kind & courteous to the people they meet, as they move to the next stage of their development in to the young adults they are becoming.

Mother of two young adults (and a son who suffered with anxiety), Tina Jesson is inspired to help more people.  Tina has studied life skills for over 30 years, worked in a corporate business environment for over 15 years and has been working with students of all ages, to help build confidence so they can step into the world and let their unique brilliance shine.

Tina has been commissioned by private schools to teach etiquette to children as young as 6 for a number of years and has been asked by mothers and fathers alike to offer further support & education in this area.

Tina offers corporate training to organizations who have social networking as the center of their relationship building strategies.

Tina is pleased to offer a number of classes and programs to build on this work. Tina will underpin the lessons taught at home and her soft English accent means that children and young people actually stop, listen and think about how this can help them improve their lives. This is an important investment to make in a young person's future. The soft skills Tina teaches complements the academic and technical skills we are encourage to develop, but without these core principles, our full potential can not be realized.

Spring in to Confidence - Social Confidence & Etiquette 1/2 day workshop.

March 2020 - $75 per person

Ideal for children from 8 year and up. Adults are welcome to help reinforce lessons learned. We work on introducing yourself to strangers, how to be polite, how to start a conversation, how thinking of others and just being kind can help overcome shyness. With lots of tips to test out, use and take away. Tina shares a few tools to use to help you have the courage to speak up, connect and even make new friends, all with a little English grace and etiquette thrown in for good measure.

First Impressions: Good Posture, Handshakes, Introducing yourself and others, Conversation skills, Telephone manners, Grooming

Manners Outside of The Home: Courtesy in Public Places; Friendships

Parties and Thank You Notes: Invitations and replies: Host and guest responsibilities

Gift giving and receiving; Thank you notes and good handwriting

Dining Etiquette: How to Properly Set a Table; Use of Each Utensil; How to Drink Tea; Table Manners

Getting Ready for Graduation Dinner Etiquette

May 2020 - $55 per person

More people today are suffering from social awkwardness and anxiety.This fun little evening combines dinner etiquette and social confidence

About this Event

For 2020 High School Graduates and college students and parents, this fun evening combines dining etiquette and social confidence to help prepare your young person for their next life stage.

Students learn essential skills like “Mingling, networking, eating & dressing professionally.

In this Graduation Dinner Etiquette Class you learn...

First Impressions: Handshakes, Introducing yourself and others, Conversation skills, Good Presentation & Grooming

Parties and Thank You Notes: Invitations and replies: Host and guest responsibilities

Gift giving and receiving; Thank you notes and good handwriting

Dining Etiquette: How to Properly Set a Table; Use of Each Utensil; How to Drink Tea; Table Manners.

Includes a 3 course chicken dinner and teachings from Tina in a kind, supportive & safe space.



November 2020 
It's time for sit-down dinners and family gatherings. Help your child gain confidence and improve social skills before the holidays!

Class meets from 5pm - 6pm.

Tina will cover how to sit at the table, how to introduce yourself and make small talk, passing food along the table, eating and talking - not at the same time, the right time for technology, how to leave the table and much more! Includes tea and light snacks. $25 per person

Young Children’s Table Manners For Schools & Youth Groups (groups of 30 plus only) 

his fun an interactive class includes samples of finger sandwiches, shortbread tea pots and English Breakfast tea and a manners class. Ideal for School Groups, Scout Groups, & Youth Groups of all kinds. Parents, teachers and group leaders welcome. Usually scheduled on weekdays mornings between 9.30am - 10.30am. $8 per person and can include adults, for classes of 30 and over. Enjoyable for all ages. Offered Monday-Friday only. Led by one of Tina's team.

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