Tina's Heritage

Tina’s Traditional Old English Kitchen LLC was founded by Tina Jesson, a passionate home baker and business entrepreneur, who came to America from England in 2008. Tina started her business by selling her fresh-made scones at farmers markets in the Indianapolis area and went on to develop a tea party catering service at people's homes and churches. She opened her first Café Tea Rooms in Carmel IN in 2014 and has provided tea service to a number of venues in the area.

The Tina’s Traditional brand has consistently developed. A range of over 20 quality loose leaf teas, a range of jams and preserves based on her Grandmother's recipe collection and a range of popular English baked goods such as scones and shortbread.

Tina’s Traditional Book of Scones is available from Amazon and at the tea room.

Tina’s Traditional is also well known for its Great British Cooking Show classes and the British Themed event nights which continue to be a sellout. For the latest events

Tina takes private tour groups back to the UK, in England where she grew up, went to school and where she got the inspiration for her tearooms.  Check out the tour information

Tina shares her knowledge and passion for tea & food through tea talks and demonstrations across the USA and holds a  Diploma in Hotel and Restaurant Management and a Certificate in Food as Medicine from the Center of Mind Body Medicine. If you want to add a tea service to your business, start a tea business or are a company wanting to create a special experience for your clients, guests or team, Tina can provide training and consultancy to meet your needs. Visit www.TeaRoomSecrets.com for more information 

Tina welcomes you to the Tina's Traditional experience!

A Family Affair

Tina’s Traditional is definitely a family business. Tina’s mother's recipe tea bread and pastry are on the menu. Her Grandmother’s jams & preserves, especially the Green Tomato Chutney, are also made at Tina’s Traditional and even her Great Grandmother, who was a scullery maid at the time Downton Abbey was set, taught Tina how to butter bread, a 100-year-old technique she trains to her team today.

Heritage at Tina's Traditional

You get to hear the story of teatime, about the history of the recipes and dishes prepared and we offer a welcoming & relaxed sanctuary so you can re-connect with friends and family, spend quality time with each other and take time out of the hustle and bustle of modern day life. Step back in time where you experience a level of service where nothing is too much trouble and you leave feeling like Royalty.

Where America meets Derbyshire

After moving to the USA, Tina brought many English recipes with her from the county of Derbyshire where she was born and raised. The Bakewell Slice, from the town of Bakewell in Derbyshire, is her local pastry and are available on the high tea menu and for purchase online, together with scones, jam, clotted cream and shortbreads.

The beautiful Arts District of Carmel reminded her of her native England – so much so that she decided to open the first tea room there in 2014. The combination of mouth-watering English pastries and Hoosier warmth and hospitality in such an elegant setting proved irresistible. Tina’s Traditional was an instant success and was soon able to boast of “A slice of Britain on a plate", something the business has become very well known for.

With Tina’s Traditional tearooms and own brand of quality loose leaf teas, jams and preserve and cake and scone available online across the USA via a home delivery service, the business has certainly grown. But we remain true to Tina’s founding principles. Tina’s Traditional Team provides something totally unique for afternoon teas, classes and events. They are devoted to providing an exceptional, fun, learning and interactive experience, doing things beautifully; from cakes to lunch plates made fresh daily and this is matched by the respectful manner and opportunities we develop with the people who join our team.  

In 2016, Tina's Traditional became a trademark in the USA and Tina started to  develop consultancy and training to help other tea businesses get started and thrive based on the Tina's Traditional Extraordinary Events model. In 2019 www.TearoomSecrets.com was launched, as developing a tea service in to companies became Tina's primary focus. Tina knows she can't have a tearoom in every State, but she can do all she can in helping other business develop the same quality of service in their tea experience.