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With so many ways to party, hosting has never been easier.

Your Party, your way!

No matter what type of party you choose, you’ll connect with friends— online or in-person*— for a fun, personalized cooking, baking or tea blending experience, while Tina shares tips, family-friendly recipes, and ways to simplify learning the skills.

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Wedding Showers, Baby Showers and House Warming Parties

Giving the gift of cooking & baking skills and tools, is probably the best experience you can give and will last forever, as you give your loved ones the best start in life.


Support a worthy cause of your choice. Tina's Traditional will give a percentage of sales as you raise funds for your charity, school or organization.


Online, in-person or at a venue!

  • Event must qualify with $250+ in Event Sales with 4 buying guests.

  • Free Product Credit is based on your Event Sales total. Shipping and taxes are not included.

  • All rewards must be used at the time of the Event Order submission

Which party will you choose?

  • "Let's Get Sconed" Scones Baking Party™

  • Great British Bake Along Party™

  • Tea Blending Party


You can Host a Private Virtual or In-Person* Party, for your family, social group, school or college by contacting Tina.

(In-person parties* in Indianapolis area only)