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What We Believe

We believe that every guest interaction should leave everyone feeling in a better place.

We strive to create an atmosphere for positive interactions between everyone: the guest and the team alike.

We believe it is our job to create an environment which will enable people who interact with our business to be happy and fulfilled.

We believe in helping people come together in the community and assisting guests to improve their day and their life experience with the experiences they have with Tina’s Traditional.

We encourage cherished time together and the creation of unforgettable memories.

We hope that when our guests leave they feel they are in a better place and that they think of Tina’s Traditional as their special place.

Mission Statement

The Tina’s Traditional Brand is based on authentic traditional recipes made with authentic and/or local ingredients.

The tearoom offers a welcoming and serene sanctuary to re-connect with loved ones and take time out of the hustle and bustle of modern day life, to step back in time where you experience a level of service where nothing is too much trouble and to allow you to leave feeling relaxed as though you have taken a mini vacation.



If you have any special requests please speak to a member of Tina’s team and they will be happy to help. If you experience any issue, Tina will want to know and look at how we can improve and put it right.

In the Community

Tina's Traditional is an active member of the local Carmel and Columbus communities. You will see Tina's supporting local producers by buying local where we can, at local farmers markets in the summer, partnering with theater companies and local historical buildings in the winter months. Tina's Traditional also supports a variety of community fundraisers with our donated gift cards and gift baskets.

If you would like to find out how Tina's Traditional can help support your community event, please call Tina direct on 317-709-2427

Core Values

We, the team at Tina’s Traditional hold true to our core values which include…


Provide quality services. 
Deliver results that make a positive difference. 
Accountable for the decisions we make. 
Fulfill personal commitments to others.


Be open and truthful with ourselves. 
Be open and truthful in our relationships with our co-workers and customers. 



Regard for the environment, policies, rules, diversity and citizens. 
Consider all points of view when resolving conflict.
Treat everyone with courtesy and dignity.


Make decisions that consider all sides of an issue. 
Conduct ourselves in a manner that reflects well upon the brand.
Treat all citizens equitably. 
Provide equitable access to resources.


Understand and be sensitive to the needs of others.


Hold as confidential all information accepted in trust. 
Exhibit conduct that inspires public confidence. 
Seek no favor or personal gain. 
Avoid conflicts of interest. 
Avoid improper influence. 
Make and take actions in the best interest of the community.


Embrace and support the mission of the brand through daily behavior. 
Serve as an ambassador of the brand. 
Assure that leadership has sufficient information to make informed and ethical decisions. 
Fully support decisions of leadership once made.

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