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Ashbourne Gingerbread Baking Mix

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According to local lore the original recipe for Ashbourne Gingerbread was acquired from French prisoners of war - in particular the personal chef of a captured French general - who were kept
in the town during the Napoleonic wars (1799-1815). The timber-framed Gingerbread Shop in St John Street, now owned by local firm Birds the Confectioners (founded in 1919), probably dates
from the 15th century. Ashbourne Gingerbread is available today from Spencer's Bakery in the Market Place. There are numerous varieties of gingerbread, cakes and puddings, this version has been passed down Tina's family, who have lived in the Derbyshire county for over a century.

This baking mix makes Ashbourne Gingerbread - 25 biscuits/cookies

We also have the option to buy your very own homemade Golden Syrup and Black Treacle in the selection. (You can use Bakers Molasses instead, if you find Black treacle too bitter. The harder thing to substitute is the Golden Syrup.)

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