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Tea Blends

Tina's Traditional Loose Leaf Tea

Tina’s Traditional provides the highest quality loose leaf teas in gourmet blends of black, Oolong, green and herbal teas. The range of quality teas offered include caffeinated tea, and naturally decaffeinated black teas and a range of herbal teas with zero caffeine.

A quality loose leaf tea is much more flavorful. High in antioxidants, your drinking experience is enhanced with the increased aroma and a delicious experience for your palate. Unlike the widely available industrial scale tea bag tea with its small leaf and dust like ‘sweepings’ which can be as old as 2 years while on the shelf, our teas are imported from the country of origin and brought to you within two months of being hand-picked. This gives our teas a fresher and more intense flavor and aroma.

Black teas can be single leaf, multi-leaf blend or blended with herbs, spices, fruits pieces and natural flavors, to complement the drinking experience. The teas are often sweetened naturally with cinnamon, licorice root, ginger root or other natural ingredients. Traditional recipes are used for our classic teas and new combinations are developed responding to customer demand.

4 ounce pack contains loose leaf tea to make 60 - 80 cups of tea

1 ounce tea packs coming soon!

Choose from a range of 20 flavors caffeinated and herbal(naturally decaffeinated).

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