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Tina's Traditional Presents: Virtual Events

Tina's Traditional has become very well known for its themed events & experiences over the years.

You can now enjoy these experiences online as Virtual Events.

Keep checking back to see the next up and coming event experiences.

This is a great way for families who are not able to see each other for the Easter Holidays to 'get together' virtually for this fun event.

We only have 10 Virtual Visits available from the Easter Bunny because Sunday is such a busy day for him.

Each Visit ticket is for a family and you can invite up to 10 of your family members, Aunts & Uncles, Cousins & Grandparents to share in your Easter Bunny Virtual Visit Experience.

Each Family Virtual Visit is private to your family and to who you invite. This is not a public event.

Click below on the Virtual Visit you'd like to book.

Sunday April 12 at 11am

Sunday April 12 at11.30am


Sunday April 12 at 12 noon


Sunday April 12 at 12.30pm


Sunday April 12 at1pm


Sunday April 12 at 1.30pm


Sunday April 12 at 2pm


Sunday April 12 at 2.30pm


Sunday April 12 at 3pm


Sunday April 12 at 3.30pm


Sunday April 12 at 4pm

Tina's Traditional Presents.

The Easter Bunny Virtual Visit.

Tina's Traditional Presents: Easter Bunny Virtual Visit . Connect with family for this special Easter Bunny Visit, which includes...

About this Event
  • An individual timed appointment spot that would get a private link for you & your family to connect to via your pc, tablet or phone.

  • You get to 'meet' the Easter Bunny live and in person

  • Easter Bunny gets to see you and says hello and welcome by your child's name

  • It's time to dress up! Young ladies please wear your best dress and a hat if you have one and young gentlemen please wear your best button down shirt and a bow tie if you have one.

  • The Easter Bunny tells a short story read to the family group

  • You can invite Grandma, Aunts & Cousins to join the call virtually.


How this works

Please only sign up if you have a good internet link and a pc, laptop or smartphone with a good connection and camera/microphone/speakers.

The event will be run via Zoom and a private link for your time slot will be provided by your confirmation email. Please save the link and add the time in your calendar.

Please limit to sending your private link to no more than 10 email addresses for each of your family members.

Please note: There are no refunds for this event.

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