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Jams & Jellies

Whether it’s lifting the lid of a Tea Time Experience in a Box full of your tea time favorites, opening a package of your favorite Tina's Traditional heritage range loose leaf tea or untying the ribbon on a box of teatime treats, the magic of Tina's Traditional comes in many forms. When you choose a gift box, jar of your favorite Tina's Traditional jam, a gift card or a Lets Get Sconed™ Scones making party, you'll find something for every occasion.

"Helping You Recreate British Tea Time at Home"

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The Tea Rooms maybe permanently closed due to COVID but you can now order the Memories Edition of

Tina's Traditional Book of Scones as an all color hardback edition with additional pictures and stories from previous guests and supporters.

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You can also order the companion book to collect all our own treasured family recipes with My Traditional Recipe Journal with this recipe journal and organiser.

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The Tina's Traditional Story

British born Tina Jesson, had a Great Grandmother born in 1899 who was a Scullery Maid at the time of Downton Abbey. Tina learned the art of farmhouse cooking and baking from her, and from recipes passed down to her Grandmother and Mother whilst Tina was growing up in a small village in middle England.

Then in 2008, when Tina and her husband moved to the USA with his job, Tina felt inspired to recreate the recipes she had learnt as a child.

That was when Tina's Traditional was born. Based in the heart of the Midwest.

Who would have thought you could get so much British from the Center of Indiana.

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