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My Friend Becky & Her Bucket List

Its not every day you get a request like this but its a story I wanted to share with you.

Last week I got this email request:

"Hi Tina. This is my friend Becky who is dying of cancer. Her daughter has made a reservation so that she can do something from her bucket list. She wants to bring her daughters and granddaughters to experience a real high tea at your place. They live in Columbus. I met you as I have been there several times (my sister-in-law is a Brit 😉) and spoken with you about our love of GB (Great Britain) and authentic high tea.  Becky is one of my best friends from high school and I want this to be a really special time for her! Mary"

So along came Becky and her family and her best friend for tea.

Mary said, "We were best friends in high school!  Then moved away and lost each other till a year ago when she found me on FaceBook. So we are cherishing our time together.   Thank you Tina!!"

Becky’s daughter Leah said “We had a great time and mom loved every minute of it.” That’s what we do at Tina’s Traditional, create memories which will be treasured forever and ever. 

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