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The T Plan

The T Plan Health & Wellness Program has been designed to demystify how to reach optimum health in a structured way, to introduce hydration, nutrition and powerful anti-oxidants as nature intended. Get your first pack of the T Plan  today

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The T-Plan is a 30 day health and wellness program created to help people reach optimum health through the healing powers of tea. The T-Plan is structured by incorporating the use of tea and all associated health benefits, in the most natural way possible, as a supplementary drink. 

Each tea is consumed for 10 days before moving on to the next tea to provide a 30 day program. A bonus tea is also included for use throughout the program to help you to relax and sleep better.

The Teas in The T-Plan are made from unique blends of high quality loose leaf teas, herbs and spices, blended to optimize the health benefits in the most natural way possible and follow a four step system.

Step 1 - RESTORE the body to a healthy balance Step 2 - DETOX & cleanse the body of toxins which have built up over time due to foods and environmental issues Step 3 - REBUILD & rejuvenate and improve wellness for years to come Step 4 - RELAX the body from the stresses and strains of everyday living taken throughout the program

Each T-plan box contains Rebuild Tea, Detox Tea, Restore Tea, Relax Tea, T-Plan™ Handbook explaining how to use the program and how to make the tea, Tea Pockets (used to make the tea) - enough to complete the 30 day program.

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