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The Experience Industry Overview

The Experience Industry might be seen as relatively niche but it’s certainly becoming more mainstream in the last few years. Companies like Amazon are taking traffic away from the High Street and even AirBnB are causing disruption to the hospitality industry with people wanting a more personalized experience. With the closure of many physical locations like banks and retail shops on the high street, Gen Z through to Baby Boomers are looking for brands which give an experience, now more than ever.

This year more people are looking for experiences as gifts than ‘things’. Don’t let your brand miss out on the party. Find out why it’s critical for your brand to reach decision makers in the Experiences Market.

The well known names have been doing this for years..

Disney World® – An interactive playground to promote the product of movies & entertainment. This is “The most magical place on earth” where customers are called “guests” and employees are called “cast members.”

Starbucks Coffee – A total coffee experience that stimulates your senses of sight, sound, smell, touch and taste. They even have their own unique vocabulary for ordering a drink.

All industries evolve through the same stages of development. These phases are:

1. Commodity – Only one provider in the space, you want it – we have it

2. Product – The features of the widget are the primary focus of the offering

3. Service – The ability to be available and provide the expected product support

4. Experience – The interactions beyond the expected, which create emotional ties to your brand throu