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Why Afternoon Tea is good for business?

The word 'afternoon tea' conjures up so many ideas and feelings from prestigious, elegant, formal and period drama (think Downton Abbey) …to name a few. However in recent years, traditional afternoon tea is becoming an experience like never before and has become increasingly advantageous for businesses. But why? Well apart from the fun factor, here are a few reasons why Afternoon Tea can be better than a business lunch or dinner…

Afternoon tea for a business meeting experience
Afternoon Tea - so good for business!

1. It’s practical - It’s sophisticated without being pretentious, less intimidating for guests and very convenient as it doesn’t invade the private evening of clients. 2. It’s less formal - It’s a great balance between the business lunch and business meal and is a more relaxing environment. 3. It’s less time consuming - Afternoon tea usually lasts one to two hours. Ideal for a client who may have a busy schedule. Business dinners usually last upwards of two hours and then someone inevitably wants to have drinks…. 4. It’s cost effective - The menu is usually clear cut, with the option of including a glass of champagne (if you’re looking to impress) but no risk of expensive bottles of wine. 5. It’s more productive - It’s more likely to be considered part of the business day instead of an ‘after work’ event. Everyone will still be in business mode! 6. It’s a different atmosphere in a different setting - It’s not a formal restaurant, yet not a conference room. Quite, yet interesting where the experience will be savored and remembered. …perfect! 7. There's a tea for everyone! - Black tea, green tea, white tea, red tea, and usually there is a tea sommelier on hand to help advise on blends, what a treat! 8. Everyone has to share - Believe it or not, sharing actually fosters communication, consideration and conversation. Who doesn’t need that in business? 9. There's little or no alcohol - Clients are unlikely to order wine or hard drinks during afternoon tea, so everyone will have clear heads and focus on business. A glass of champagne along with afternoon tea will add an extra something special for an important guest. 10. It’s a great way to end the day - As afternoon tea usually takes place towards the end of the business day, everyone can head home afterwards feeling a sense of accomplishment and still have the evening ahead to enjoy.

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