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Why Tina chose Carmel for her first tearoom

To be honest I’d been looking for a location for a tearoom for over 2 years. I live in Brownsburg, so I’d looked on the westside, down town, even Irvington and I was so close to signing a deal in Zionsville when I decided there was just something not quite right.

Am I so glad I waited. The very next day I was speaking with someone I was interviewing for an accounting position, when he suggested this place in Carmel.

I had lived in Carmel for the first year when I moved here with my husband from the UK, but never thought I could possibly afford Carmel.

I took a look at the property online to work out where it was. When I realized it was right in the center of the Arts District I realized it was in the prefer location. I love the Arts District as it is so European as you can walk from place to place so easily. It was very ruminant of home back in England. Then I looked at a picture of the property and it was a period property – how perfect for my traditional style tearoom. Then I went to see the property and meet the owners. They were very interested in my business concept and liked the fact that I had already got a pop-up business I had been running for 3 years and had a following and some business experience.

I remember being so excited as I looked around, it took all my self-control NOT to say “YES! I’ll take it”. I wanted to negotiate after all. We signed the contract in July 2014 and its been such a brilliant 5 years. Our guests have a very cosmopolitan outlook, there are many people from other part of the country and even the world, who live here and love the European feel and British food and hospitality we serve. You could say it was Carmel that chose Tina's. Thank you Carmel

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